I’ve launched my token on another exchange with 20{a8e32e54a4dfaa9336fc743cc56768a1379af4c91b60e2ce26495bc9689872f5} supply and the goal of raising 2 eth in the pool. I’m over 50{a8e32e54a4dfaa9336fc743cc56768a1379af4c91b60e2ce26495bc9689872f5} of the way to my goal (just over 1 eth raised and about 10{a8e32e54a4dfaa9336fc743cc56768a1379af4c91b60e2ce26495bc9689872f5} of supply sold) Bandungtoto.

My next step is launching a pool on uniswap. What is the best way of going about this? Can I just add 1 eth and 10{a8e32e54a4dfaa9336fc743cc56768a1379af4c91b60e2ce26495bc9689872f5} of the supply? Or even .5 eth and 5{a8e32e54a4dfaa9336fc743cc56768a1379af4c91b60e2ce26495bc9689872f5} of supply for now and just add more later? slot gacor.

Where can I read more and learn all I need to here so I don’t get sniped when my pool is live? Anyone with first hand experience and advice for doing something like this would be greatly appreciated, but even an article with everything I need to know and be aware of would be awesome too.

I just want to make sure I’m fully prepared for this. 1 eth isn’t a small amount of money to front just to put my tokens up for sale, so I really don’t want to mess it up! bandungtoto.

Thank you for any help!